The Story

Quality Brand Store started in 2016 with small social responsible events but was officially launched in summer 2020. The company is based in the hometown of the working class, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The story is about two guys who love to work and go outdoors.

"Our believe is that life is a gift and needs to be comfortable and gives satisfaction for your efforts. Working is great part of your life during this period, we call it responsibility. We have been working hard for many years in construction, buildings and maintenance but our love for rugged, long-lasting strong produced workwear - and gear overwon and stayed. We are here because we think you enjoy quality items for your body to wear, go working and have fun outdoors as much as we do. For these reasons we offer you premium quality garments like clothing, bags, headwear, footwear, outerwear and workgear. 

On this moment our balanced and steady collection is focussing on four iconic and leading brands active in workwear and outdoor. 

  • Carhartt® 
  • Jack Wolfskin
  • Dickies® 
  • Timberland | Pro® 

We need to inform you we do not sell Carhartt | WIP.

In our webshop you can expect a selection from the Carhartt, Jack Wolfskin, Dickies and Timberland catalogue which we find are the most valuable for you. We offer a honest but sharp pricing policy and the best service you can wish. As Mr. Hamilton Carhartt himself called it: "An Honest Value for an Honest Dollar." 

In the nearby future Quality Brand Store will launch multiple collaborations with new brands. Expect rocky and enjoyable products that matter and got your back at anytime. 

Have a great and tough day,

Bas & Mike



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